4:07 pm

AUTEL Calibration


Century Glass is proud to offer a complete calibration of your entire car with the industry-leading Autel ADAS IA800 Calibration system. This is the most complete system and runs calibration on your car’s entire safety system. 

The Autel A800 Intelligent ADAS employs six high resolution cameras and ADAS positioning software, to transform Autel’s Standard Calibration frame into a rapid yet precise frame centering and vehicle distancing unit, enabling technicians to accomplish frame to vehicle placement in minutes.

Wheel clamps with camera targets are attached to the rear wheels and a standing target component is placed in the front or to the side of the vehicle, depending on the vehicle make, model and year. 

The system recognizes the positioning targets and calculates the current angle, distance and offset position of the frame to the vehicle. 

Added value to the system is its alignment Pre Check capability that uses the IA800’s camera system and targeted wheel clamps attached to all four wheels to determine the vehicle’s current alignment specifications and compare them with the vehicle manufacturer’s allowed tolerances. It’s a true game-changer for pre-calibration setup in both speed and accuracy.